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Parcel Service

eMile Parcel Service - is a smart, low-cost last mile delivery service to any addresses in Canada; With our smart technologies, we can meet the 48hrs*/72hrs/120hrs delivery SLA and provide value-added services like Proof of receipt, Delivery appointment, Parcel Return, etc.;

Freight Service

eMile Freight Service - is a B2B logistics solution for LTL or FTL shipment From China to Canada;

Warehouse Service

eMile Warehouse Service - is inventory storage and order fulfillment service for e-commerce

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About Company

eMile Corporation provides logistics service for North America customers through smart technologies and lean operations. Our goal is to provide reliable, fast and cost-efficient services for our customers in import/export, line-haul and local transportation, delivery and returning, storage and fulfillment, etc.

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